Welcome to Member Scoop!

Member Scoop was created by Members for Members of French Broad Electric Membership Corporation (“FB-EMC”) who want complete transparency and accountability to Members by the Board of Directors and Management of our Cooperative and increased Member participation in important strategic and business decisions.  Read more by clicking “About our Cooperative” on the tab above.

NEWSFLASH:  Official proxy forms began arriving today, April 11, for the 2014 Annual Election of Directors of French Broad Electric Membership Corporation, to be held on Saturday, May 3 at Madison High School in Marshall, NC.    DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR OFFICIAL PROXY FORM!    For Important Information and Next Steps, Click on the 2014 Election Page tab above…

PLEASE DONATE: With the election of Directors less than thirty days away, every donation matters.  If you can contribute time, money or knowledge before May 3 to help elect the 2014 Member-nominated candidates, please contact us by phone at 828-675-8870 or by email at fbmember@gmail.com.

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